Photojournalist Susanna Raab

The two main aspects of what you see in a painting, drawing, or photograph, are form and content.

Form is what you see. Some examples are:

  • what is in the picture itself;
  • the colors/brightness/contrast chosen by the photographer;
  • the lighting (highlights, shadows, etc) that was used;
  • how the picture is arranged, such as zoom, angle, or overlapping; or
  • cropping: what you can see and what is cut off.

Content is what the image means. Some examples are:

  • your interpretation;
  • how you feel about the image;
  • what you think about when you look at the image;
  • how you think the photographer wants you to feel;
  • what the photographer wants you to notice; or
  • the emotion you get from the image.

Photojournalist Susana Raab has collections of photographs on her website listed under Projects. Choose one Project, look through the images, and write about it in terms of form and content.

A quesiton to get you started: What caught your eye in this Project collection?


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