Vibrance vs. Saturation


What is the difference between changing Vibrance and changing Saturation in Photoshop? This article, written on Digital Photography School (DPS) by British portrait photographer Elizabeth Halford, breaks it down.

Basically, the Vibrance tool is a little smarter because it can recognize which colors are already at a decent saturation, and which ones could be increased a little without going overboard.


Photoshop Tool Basics

There are a ton of features in Photoshop. Luckily, provides an excellent overview of the main toolbar’s buttons and its functions.

Digital Photography Equipment for Designers

camera graphic from

Jessica Walsh, designer and art director, recently posted an article about the photography equipment she uses. She makes good suggestions regarding cameras and lenses. Your lenses can travel from camera to camera and last quite a long time, but cameras are often replaced more frequently. If you have to choose, it is suggested that you make investments in your lenses.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the expensive equipment and cool accessories available, but there are a lot of options. You can buy refurbished cameras/parts, or purchased used equipment from eBay. Open source programs are available for software. Open source describes software that is free to use, as long as you are using it for personal use and don’t sell the software. Mozilla Firefox (the internet browser) is an example of open source software.

She talks a lot about different costly computer programs she uses, such as Lightroom and Photoshop, but don’t forget about open source. One of them, GIMP, is a photo-editing program that is a great alternative if you don’t have a few hundred dollars to shell out for the Adobe programs.

Beginning Article for Editing Black and White Photos

This is a short article introducing the topic of editing black and white photos in Photoshop. Hint: desaturating is not the answer!

Photoshop Housekeeping Tips’s Manifesto for Web Designers is a great introduction to basic housekeeping ideas when using Photoshop. They’re little tips, not full articles on each topic, but are good things to consider. Each topic can be investigated further by googling the phrase with the word ‘photoshop’ (ex: “grid in photoshop“).

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