Emotional Content in a Photograph

This photo fits well with the assignment guidelines of depicting War

Guidelines – how well does the image fit the assignment guidelines?

You can take a great photo, but if it doesn’t go with the project’s topic, it won’t stand out.

a photo that tries to show the emotion Lonely

Emotional Quality – what mood / feeling / emotion does the image evoke?

Some, but not all, photos will show a strong emotion. This is a combination of factors: subject matter, print quality, composition, and lighting all working together.

This photo tries to make the viewer consider the issue of Homelessness

Message – What message do you get from the image?

Photojournalists are a type of photographer who want people to get a certain message when looking at their work.


Cole Rise

One of my students introduced me to the photographer Cole Rise. He has beautiful, simple photographs that often emphasize space. He uses texture layers to give the photos an old, scratchy feel to them, and adds vignetting to darken the corners of the image, helping draw the viewer’s eye to the center of the image.

Ethics and Photography

Journalists have to deal with ethics in their work all the time. Some things are considered an ‘ethical’ issue (is it morally ‘right’ or ‘wrong’?), even if it may be legal (the law doesn’t say you can’t do it).

Please read this article regarding a photograph taken of a mourner praying in Newtown, CT and the discussion over ethics and photojournalists. Then come back to my blog and leave me a comment discussing your opinion on the topic. What do you think is appropriate in a situation like this?

Attention New dSLR Owners

canon rebel t2i

For all y’all who got a fancy new digital SLR camera for Christmas (I’m looking at you, Justine), take a look at this article, aptly titled “How to Use Your Fancy New Camera Like a Pro“.

ANLanza Photography

photo by ANLanza on Flickr

I’m in love with this set of photos by Alexis Lanza. The photos are so simple and beautiful displayed together in this manner. The intensity of the colors gives them the effect that they could be super-realistic paintings, but I think that is because of her use of large format film when taking these photos.

Emily Cain Photography

photo by Emily Cain via Flickr

Wanted to share this photograph created by Emily Cain on Flickr. I am not sure if this was made in the darkroom or not, but it certainly could have been.

Photography students, how would you attempt to create this in a darkroom photograph? (This requires some creative brainstorming!)


image by Chelsea Hedrick

Digital Photography School has an excellent article of lighting examples for portrait photographers.

WebDesignLedger.com has a collection of photographs using lighting to enhance the dramatic mood.

Student Artwork: Water Droplet Photography

one of Ben M. and Nick G.’s water droplet photos

Two of my students, Ben and Nick, took these photos for their Independent Photography class. They were inspired by Jim Zuckerman’s post on this topic.

They said:

Our aim was it to make it as colorful and interesting as possible. Therefore we tried different lightings as well as multiple colors for the water. The key to success was a bright colored paper [in the background] which reflected on the water.

We took some of the pictures inside with bad lighting which as a result made us use a lower shutter speed. This made some photos susceptible to being blurry. But as soon as the weather enabled to go outside, we had better condition which made it possible to use a faster shutter speed to make the pictures more crisp.

Click here to see the entire album!

Back to Basics: How to Hold Your Camera

Sometimes we get so excited about what we are photographing that we neglect proper techniques of how to photograph. Elizabeth Halford Photography made a wonderful video about proper stance and hand grip for SLR cameras. At only one minute long, it’s a great refresher on the basics.

Keeping Film Fresh

via photojojo

Photojojo has an excellent article about keeping film from going bad. Check it out!

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