Connor Glassett

Connor is one of my students studying independent digital photography this semester. He gave me permission to share these two images with you.






Connor posed models in different yoga poses and collaged the bodies with animal heads.

The lion’s background starts with a black and white (in the center), and works outward, each layer with a different edit to make the focal point pop.

The fox was placed on the left to balance the image, and on a dark night sky so there was contrast between him and the background.


Valentina Ramos

polaroid camera illustration

Out of Sight by Valentina (Ramos) Harper

I just discovered Valentina Harper (formerly Valentina Ramos) recently. I find her style absolutely gorgeous – the use of ink pens to add detail, texture, and intricate designs while still creating a strong image.

The above image is one of my favorites, for obvious reasons:) but she also has some beautiful drawings of animals and some that I could visualize as a beautiful design printed on fabric.

Check out her work: website | facebook | shop

Tiny Monsters


For an extra credit project, my student Daniel chose to create a set of tiny monsters using his kneaded rubber eraser, which is stretchy and shapeable like clay. He gave me permission to share the results with you, my faithful readers.

Click here to view the album of his work!


the igloo at night, lit from the inside

Daniel Gray and Kathleen Starrie, a boyfriend-girlfriend team built it using milk cartons and colored water to make colored blocks of ice for this beautiful sculpture.

You can click here to view the album of images on, and a more detailed description of the process can be found here, on the Global Edmonton website.

Icicle Lantern

My friend (and co-worker) Peter Feltham made this amazing icicle lantern to celebrate the new year. Watch the video to see it!

Anamorphic Illusions

Please watch this. Seriously. It’s amazing! These pieces are created by an artist who calls himself Brusspup.

(via NPR)

RSA Animate – Illustrated Speeches

If you get distracted while listening to speeches, check out this illustrated video by RSA Animate. It keeps your eyes entertained with illustrations that connect to Sir Ken Robinson’s speech on the changing face of education.

Urban Art in Poland

One of my students sent me this video of Etam Cru, a Polish artist (or possibly group of artists) who created a huge mural to brighten up one of the neighborhoods in Lodz, Poland.

Painting on Pennies

Jacqueline Lou Skaggs’ painting

Twenty Two Words posted about this AMAZING artist named Jacqueline Lou Skaggs, which does tiny paintings on the surface of pennies. Check out the collection!
(Thanks to K. for sharing this article with me!)

Color Challenge

Check out the Online Color Challenge, which rates you on how well you see and organize colors in the spectrum. The more accurate you are, the lower your score.

I got a 20, and two of my students got 0! How did you do?

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