Portrait Research

Digital Photography students:

Find 3 different portrait photographers who shoot in digital.

Leave me a comment with the following information for each photographer:

  • Their website
  • Describe what you notice about their editing style (it should be something common to many images… something that creates a ‘feel’ to their work)

3 thoughts on “Portrait Research

  1. Yousuf Karsh – http://www.karsh.org/
    This guys work is all in black in white, and most of them all seem very serious. Maybe some touchups, but not a lot considering he died in 2002..

    Steve McCurry – http://stevemccurry.com/
    This guy likes to capture emotion in the foreign worlds. Every one of his pictures seems to have a very soft touch to them, there’s nothing harsh about them. Especially all of the kids pictures.

    Jim Zuckerman – http://corporatefineart.com/-/corporatefineart/gallery.asp?cat=766&pID=1&row=15
    I love this dude! Mostly all of his pictures are vibrant and colorful, some of them are very Photoshopped, but they work. These pictures are fun to look at, and all of the woman are foreign as well.


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