Gabrielle Wolfe’s Picks

Gabrielle Wolfe, known on Tumblr as gabwolfie, is a 2011 graduate of  Charleston County School of the Arts and will be majoring in fine arts at Winthrop College. Her Tumblr aims to share at least one picture per day for a year, as well as some works that inspire her. I recently asked her about some of her current favorite artists and graphic designers. Her response was:

I like this question, but its hard to answer because in a way it’s like asking about my favorite colors or musicians…there are so many favorites it’s hard to pick only a few.

But a few who come to mind now are:

Peter O’Neil (admire him for the emotion he captures in his work)

James Roper

Eric Zener (my hero as far as realistic conceptual painting goes)

Amy Lind (she’s remarkable)

Ali Cavanaugh (what she does with watercolor is incredible)

That’s just a handful of artists but I’m sure there are some I forgot and others I have yet to discover and admire. Hope you enjoy looking at their work!

Thank you for sharing, Gabrielle!


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