Black and White Portraits

Black and white is the most basic form of artwork, and therefore it is often the most challenging. Without bright colors to “distract” the viewer, they must be impressed with the artist’s handle on the very basics of art. How well did the artist capture an emotion, pay attention to and capture detail, compose an interesting image, or get his/her point across?

Your first project is to create a portrait of someone using only black and white. It can be traditional or experimental. It does not have to be strictly a person’s face; as Alfred Stieglitz shows with his photograph of Georgia O’Keeffe’s hands, you can tell a lot about people besides simply seeing their face.

Your goal should be to convey some sort of emotion through the style, shading, or arrangement on the page (composition).

by Arnold Newman
in the style of Richard Avedon
by Kristian Thacker (in the style of Richard Avedon)
by Chuck Close

by Alfred Stieglitz


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