College Round-Up Part 1

College websites can often be hard to navigate unless you keep an eye out for useful keywords.

In order to see what majors they offer, look for ‘Programs of Study’, ‘Academics’, or anything marked for ‘Undergraduate’ students.

In most cases, your degree will either be a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) or a B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts). You can get a B.A. in many things, such as English or Theatre. A B.A. in Art Studio will give you knowledge in all areas of art – that’s what my degree is – and many people like that you have time for other electives. A B.F.A. is more focused – you often take more advanced art classes (meaning less time for other subject areas) and have a degree that can be more valuable depending the type of job you’re looking for. Sometimes you can even get a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) in Art, meaning you will probably learn more about the science and technical aspects of the art, such as photography.

Check out some of these college websites. Try and find their programs, take a look at their student artwork if any is available, and find portfolio requirements if they’re listed.

**Tip: When searching, use CTRL-F / COMMAND-F to bring up the Find bar, and you can search the text on a page for your desired word or phrase**

Also, remember that art related majors might not just be listed as ‘Art’ or ‘Art Studio’. Try also ‘Fine Art’ or ‘Studio Art’, or something more specific like ‘Graphic Design’ or ‘Film and Animation’.


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